Who killed Marlou and turned him into Xander Ford

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The internet is full of reactions about the transition of Marlou to Xander Ford. Marlou himself declared that Marlou is dead. He is now called Xander Ford. Who killed him anyway?

This issue has come to my attention as I have three kids and the eldest from Tres Marias is now 7 years old. Soon enough she will be a teen and she might undergo the same dilemma as what happened to Marlou. They said the society killed him. That He is bullied because of his looks and made him hate the way he looks. Is our society really that cruel? Did our society killed Marlou?

Marlou killed himself. He was the one who entertained negative opinions of the society. He let this happen and I feel sorry for him. This is a suicide!

What I would tell my future teen-aged daughters is this: I would like to protect you from all the bad things in this world, Mommy can’t do that. What Mommy can do is to make you tough and to equip you with good character and ideologies. Whatever you do, people will say things about you. It could be good, and it could also be bad. What you become is because of your actions and reactions to outside stimulus. If they say something negative, introspect. Is it true? If not, you just need to shrug it off. If you need to correct them, please do so. But also remember to choose your battles. Make sure it is worth to fight for, if not, the wise people are those who keep silent and mind their own business. If what they are saying is true, think of ways on how to improve yourself. If you can’t do something about it, like for example the case of Marlou, he is bullied because of physical appearance. I have nothing against plastic surgery, but it is pricey and not everyone affords it. Also, not everyone is brave to do it. The solution?

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Remember the movie Captain Underpants? At the end of that movie George said that Professor Poopypants’ problem is that he can’t laugh at himself. Professor Poopypants is bullied because of his surname. That is something you can’t do about. I can’t believe I am quoting this movie haha, but it teaches us a good lesson. If only Professor Poopypants embraced himself he would have accepted the truth that his surname is really funny. He would have moved on and lived without bitterness. Sure it is hard, but the purpose of our life here on this planet is not to look good or to have a good name but to be good.  I hope Marlou will reap his endevors as Xander Ford.

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