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As of the moment, I am writing this blog post, I am having a fever of 101.3 °F. I have a feeling this article will not be able to publish this article soon.

I am not new to blogging. In fact, it is my first love. When I was a kid I keep a diary. I put everything there in detail. All the simple happenings, every bit of thoughts I have. I published my blog when I was in college, I believe I am 19 years old that time.

So, why am I blogging, again? I just don’t know exactly actually. Maybe I want an outlet, or I just need something to do to kill boredom because I have no social life. It could also be because I just like talking  a lot and my friends often confide to me about basically everything. It makes me think that I have a lot of good things to share, or I am a good adviser. It’s not like a blogger says things running through her head and the world became a better place kind of thing, but something more like there is someone out there, experiencing the same things and could understand your situation. Also, I am not that good in writing. Grammar nazis could spot a handful of wrong grammar here already, I bet. But I do believe in practice makes perfect. I am not perfect, but would like to improve.

Who am I by the way? I am Jaymee, turning 30 and hope not too soon. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing last 2007. I used to work as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse at a hospital somewhere in San Juan City, Metro Manila. I met someone and then fell in love. I quit my job to stay at home and take care of my kids, I have three already. Staying at home is really boring that is why I work at home. I am a website developer, sometimes virtual assistant, sometimes social media manager, or whatever good high paying jobs is offered to me. 

So from the few information above you might get a small preview of my personality. Yes, I am that kind of person who is very random but I hope I do get a few regular visitors

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