Unexpected Twist in Sinigang

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Moms are good at multi-tasking because we should! I mean, how could we not to if there are mountains of things to do. Every day, I cook while doing other stuff and today is no different.

Sinigang is my favorite dish. Aside from the fact that it is easy to cook, it is also everybody’s favorite. Earlier, I accidentally put chicken instead of pork into the boiling pot of water with onions and tomatoes. I just realized I am cooking Sinigang na Chicken when I was about to put Kangkong, the last ingredient. Since google is my friend and I do research about everything there, I typed in my browser Chicken Sinigang. I was surprised that there is such a dish! Found a couple of post about it. So I just continued with my cooking. Tasted it after and it is good. Kids also liked it. Husband said he already tasted one before so it is not new to him.

I guess I’ll be cooking Sinigang na Chicken in the future. I do get bored with my dish sometimes and  would like to experiment with new dishes.

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