The Great Search for an Effective Vitamins For Tres Marias

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I change vitamins of my kids as frequently as changing clothes! Of course I am exaggerating haha. But I have tried almost every vitamins existing in the market. I am in despair due to the fact that Jana, the eldest from the Tres Marias, frequently get cough and colds and when she does, it gives her a hard time because she have asthma. Second is because Zoe, the most greedy when it comes to food suddenly becomes a picky eater. I think it is a phase because Jana went through this but as much as possible I want Zoe’s appetite to come back. Good thing I have no issues when it comes to Xyra.

It was a blessing in disguise when I was lucky to be given a chance to receive Nutri10 Plus. I was planning to buy one actually. Three pieces of 120ml of Nutri10Plus was sent to me last August 2. A bottle really goes a long way.  I made sure the kids will finish a bottle before I made a review for me to give an honest and unbiased review of the Vitamin. So to speak, It boosted Zoe’s appetite. Though she can be stubborn at times, at least she can finish her plate specially when her favorite food is served. Jana’s appetite became much like a construction worker. Hahaha. When we go to rice-all-you-can restaurants she consumes at least two rice. She gained weight though it is not that drastic and visible. I think that kind of weight gain is safer than sudden huge weight gain. Jana’s asthma attack lessen and when she has colds and cough it only lasts for a day or two.

There is no miracle vitamins out there that will protect my kids from all diseases but definitely I will stick to Nutri10 Plus. I am very satisfied with it.

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