How I Survived Linggo ng Wika of my 2 Kids

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I have two kids that go to school and aside from the fact that we pay for two tuition fees, what I also find challenging are going by their schedules. There are times the other one has an hour earlier dismissal, sometimes the other one goes to school in the morning while the other one in the afternoon. Hello to school staff, they sometimes can see me the whole day at school. That is why I wondered, how am I going to fix my 2 kids this Linggo ng Wika?

They celebrated Linggo ng Wika yesterday, August 30, 2017. My pre-kinder’s time slot is morning and my elementary is in the afternoon. I have girls and we all know that girls take time to prepare because you need to fix their costume, hair, makeup, and accessories. So I time managed. I woke up early (not too early), ditch the need to fix myself. Mommy does not need to look good, my priority is sleep and kids haha.

I prepared Zoe (the one in kinder 1) went to attend the program. I also really had a hard time encouraging her to dance. This kid is really shy. I told her to dance with a smile and whenever she feels scared all she had to do is to find me in the crowd and imagine I am the only audience in there. So everything went well. She danced with a smile and I am one proud mommy.

After their performance, I decided to go home and not finish the program since I need to fix her big sister. We bought lunch to our favorite Carinderya on the way home. We arrived in a messy house and I am expecting that. Legos scattered on the floor while my Bunso is proudly showing me her creation, she claims she made a camera made of the Lego. So, we ate lunch, then fixed Jana and went back to the program for their afternoon batch. I was surprised the parking is already full because we went there early. I guess they all anticipated that and went earlier. No need to encourage Jana that much, this girl loves performing. But when she went on to the stage I saw in her face a freight that is why I hurriedly went in front and made an ok sign. She did well.

I guess the day went well. We finished all that is needed to be done.


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