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I have been busy (lazy) for the past months with work, chores, kids, and the thing that I am most obsessed about; the construction of our new home. I was so preoccupied with it that I always research about things I want to do in our house such as interior decorations and different kind of loft beds.  What I got so interested about is landscaping. I decided to put up a garden in our new house since we have a lot of space outside. I came across succulents. It is considered as the best type of plant to care for specially for those who are new to gardening.

There are so many things to love about succulents. They are tough plants. You can totally forget about them (for a few days of course not totally) and they won’t die. You don’t need to water it everyday, hence it helps in the conservation of water. I was also surprised that succulents come in wide variety of colors. They are very colorful, it comes in green, orange, yellow, pink, purple, gray, black and blue-green. They also have flowers!

I have already got myself a few succulent and call them succuloves. I am planning to make a succulent garden and I am so excited. Here are some of my succuloves.

1488081631767 - Succuloves

I am still on the process of researching about them. I believe these are common. I would love to know what are they called so that I would be able to know what kind of care I should give them. Do they need full sun or stay at a shaded area? What kind of soil mix is best for them? How many times a week should I water them? If you have any idea, please leave a comment, I would really appreciate some help.

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