Review: Cloth Diaper from BumStuffer

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Even as a kid, one of my advocacies  is to help conserve mother Earth. I got hooked on to using cloth diapers as early as 2011. I am a fan of pocket style cloth diapers, but when I experienced using Hybrid Fitteds to my kids, I became a convert. Though I still use pockets and cover types, whenever I put hybrid fitteds to my little one, my heart skips a beat. I sound OA but I really love how soft it is. I also love the prints these squishy little things have.

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One of my prize in the Raffle for a Cause for Baby Qwynn is a Hybrid Fitted cloth diaper from Bum Stuffer. Aside from my fascination in cloth diapers, I also love baby wearing and I really like a particular brand called Baby Tula. Hence, for my customized HF, I chose a Tula print Juliette. I was surprised at how fast my daughter’s cloth diaper was sewn. I am still at vacation when the package arrived.

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I was really delighted at how it turned out. The bum cut is what I usually get conscious about but the front is also carefully crafted. It is a continuous print. You can imagine me jumping up and down right now.

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I only have all raves and more raves comes as I unpack it. It comes with a cardboard where all the details about the cloth diapers are written.  I destashed a few cloth diapers and I can’t remember all the details about each of them. That is why I sold it for a way too lower amount I bought it. How I wish all the HF diapers in the world came with this!


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