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The old cliche, “travelling with kids is like taking a herd of wild goats on holiday” as a mater of fact rings true. I have three and they are below 5 years old and I definitely know what it feels like. You can’t lock them up inside the house either because the day will come that you will have to travel and go to busy places, like in our case we need to go to Philippine Statistics Authority to get PSA certified birth certificate and PSA certified marriage contract which we will use in DFA. You can read the story about DFA here.

If given a chance I will just use the NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Service. I am a fan of online shopping, I even ordered a fish online and it was delivered in our house alive and safe. It’s just that since we are in the vicinity (DFA) might as well go there.

It is located at Hobbies of Asia along Macapagal Boulevard. We had a hard time locating it, because there is a building in front blocking it from the sight if you are in the road. It is in front of PNB. Before entering we already saw spawn of different people from all walks of smell, I mean life. Since I am not the type of person who enjoys crowd I am beginning to feel dizzy. I approach the man sitting on a desk near the door. In front of him lays four colored papers. Those are the application forms; white for birth, pink for marriage, yellow for death, and green for certificate of no marriage record (CENOMAR). He told me that they have a courtesy lane because he saw I am babywearing Xyra. I asked for three white and two pink papers, filled it up with information and headed to counter number 4. I paid 140php for each document. Falling in line is easy, the room is air conditioned but not enough. After that, they instructed me to go at the back which is near mini stop. I have to wait for an hour so we decided to go to an eat-all-you-can restaurant just near the vicinity.

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Golden King Buffet Restaurant
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Happy Tummy

When I came back, the PSA certified documents I needed are finished. My arrival is just in time because they called my name just as soon as I’ve arrived. I fall in line once again but was able to get it in about 5 minutes.

I had enough adventure for that day and went home. We will have to fix the BC issue of my dear husband first and hopefully process everything this week.

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