Our Kind of Father’s Day Celebration

img 1137 - Our Kind of Father's Day Celebration

My husband has a very unique personality and today I experienced another bout of his well, uhm uniqueness. I thought we will be celebrating father’s day the usual dine-out routine but when he woke up he does not even know it is father’s day today. He said he does not feel like going outside so we stayed home. I just cooked a homey meal for us and guess what, we played online game.

img 1135 1024x768 - Our Kind of Father's Day Celebration
We have been playing Crasher and since we made accounts on different server we decided to create a new one one the latest server so that we can meet there.

img 1136 1024x768 - Our Kind of Father's Day Celebration
It is really an addictive game, I am warning you. What I like about this is that you can auto-play. I can increase my level while washing the dishes or ironing Jana’s uniform (which I really did earlier).

I guess we are both weird. This is our thing, besides me and my husband met each other online so what else should be expected.

I do have a gift for him, a 250pesos worth of board shorts. He hates branded and over priced things that is why whenever I pick gifts for him I made sure it is affordable and useful.

Simple at it may seem, he is very happy today. Why not, I lost to him on the game. Hahaha. Hope you had a nice Father’s day today as well!

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