Just Discovered Bikit Guard Mosquito Repellent Clips

bikit guard clips

With all the scary news about Japanese Encephalitis, I decided to search for a mosquito repellent my kids can use even when they are in school. Japanese Encephalitis is a disease caused by mosquitoes and it can cause swelling around the brain, it could lead to coma and be fatal and could happen in a brink of an eye. Though symptoms take 5-15 days.

Since I am one of those kinain ng systema ng Korean fever; from Korean drama to Korean skin care to Korean noodles I came across Korean mosquito repellent. It is called Bikit Guard clip where you can put in your clothes or in my case, I put it in my kids’ ID lace. It is organic and DEET free that is why it is safe for our bagets. I previously use human nature citronella oil but my kids hate the oiliness feeling when I put it in their skin. It is always a struggle to apply it to them, they run away from me hahaha. I also need to reapply it  since the smell goes away after a few hours. With this Bikit Guard, they love the design and no need to put it in their skin. The Tres Marias are cooperative and more than willing to wear it. The smell also lasts. What I do is after school, I get the clips and put it back into their resealable plastic pouch. Wala lang, I just feel that by doing this I can prolong the smell. According to their website, the scent will last 3 months.

I bought mine at Lazada for 250 pesos. The seller is E-nnovations Technologies and Marketing Corp. When I buy at Lazada I usually check who the seller is. That way i can avoid buying fakes. If the seller also sells other china made products I avoid them. Yes, there are fake bikit guards out there. They contain deet which is a toxic chemical found in pesticide that is harmful for kids. Fake Bikits also have cartoon characters such as hello kitty and minions which original Bikit Guard does not carry. A mommy I have chatted in Facebook mentioned that Bikit Guard can also be bought in Bikit Guard Philippines and it is cheaper because she bought hers for 185php only. She told me that they sell authentic Bikit Guards so hooray for that!

So this is my current rave and would definitely buy some more. I would probably buy the Bikit Monster next, which is a wristband.


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