Indulge in The Koibito’s World of Gelato

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I have entered the Koibito’s World of Gelato and I never want to leave. I am not a fanatic of ice cream, in fact I do not have a sweet tooth. But when I do indulge in ice cream , I prefer the best. I would rather have a few scoops of awesomeness instead of a cup of ordinary ice cream. I must say, Gelato did deliver.

Koibito’s World of gelato opened last October 1, 2017. A perfect way to start my birth month! Thanks to Hello Lipa, I was invited together with my long time online friend Rubie of Iamsweetbie. It was indeed a happy day, not only because I was able to have my “mommy time” I met awesome people. Who would have though sir Jayzar of Hello Lipa was a member of a previous online freelancer group I am in and he helped me in a lot of my newbie questions back in 2011.

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would it still matter to know what gelato is if it looks this yummy?

Okay, back to gelato. In the event that you don’t have any idea what gelato is, let me tell you. Gelato is like an ice cream, (yes it is not an ice cream) but since less air is whipped in it, it gives a heavenly texture. If it feels like heaven whenever you are eating ice cream, think again because you will redefine what heavenly means after you eat this gelato. The gelato are all lined up to this buffet-like style.

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The gelatos are weighed before being served. Fair enough right?

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The one on the right is mine while Rubie’s gelato is on the left. We got big cups with three scoops of different gelato flavors. I got my forever favorite vanilla, pistachio, and their best seller Ferrero. Since I do not have a sweet tooth, I chose this combination as I thought the vanilla will make the combination balanced, and it did. The interior design of the shop is amazing and I must give credits to that. The chairs and tables that looks like ice cream cones are my favorite.

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They also have gelato pastries which my kids enjoyed the most. We ordered black & white as well as two of oatmeal and cream. My kids won’t share but they all finished it with a big smile on their faces and this poor Momma is contented by looking at them (convincing myself) Hahahaha. Anyway, I plan to go back and have my own sweet time by myself, if that will ever happen!!

I survived attending this blog event with the tres marias and all had a great time. Thanks to my two sisters who are supportive to their bunso. It always feel awesome to be bunso noh? I consider this mommy time as I was able to have face to face conversations with adults. Sometimes talking to Tres Marias make me lose my sanity hahaha.

Koibito’s world of gelato is open from 12noon to 8pm. I also heard that they now have pints being sold at the shop which is located at High 5 Square, Ayala Highway Lipa, Batangas. Check their Facebook page for more information and promos

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