If God Shuts the door, stop trying to open it!

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I am into stock market and being a newbie, I knew I needed a guide. That is why I decided to join the Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez. I learned a lot and I guess as an incentive, I got a book last Christmas for free. It was really a surprise as it was not announced. One day a book was just delivered in front of our house.

The title of the book is Life Manual 101: How to Make Your Dreams Come True. It was given Christmas of 2015 but as of the moment I am at the middle of the book. I just started reading it three days ago. I actually forgotten about this. I was looking for Jana’s baptismal certificate and I found this book in the same drawer where our important papera where in.

If God shuts a door, stop trying to open it! Trust that whatever was behind it wasn’t meant for you

This reminded me of numerous things that happened to us. One of those is when we tried enrolling Jana to a school I really like for her but when we got there, the girl from the admission office told us that they do not have a slot. I was broken hearted because I already pictured my daughter wearing their uniform, plus there is a nearby derma clinic there. I already imagined myself having a facial therapy session while waiting for Jana’s dismissal.

I enrolled her to a different school. The proximity is more convenient and it is more established than the first school. It has been there for decades already. The tuition fee is higher but I really liked how they are organized. The people I talked with from that school are also professional and informative. Searching for her school kept me busy this week but it only took me two days for her to be enrolled and for me to buy her books and uniforms. I just have to buy her school supplies and a girl scout uniform and we are done.

img 8805 1024x1024 - If God Shuts the door, stop trying to open it!
I guess this is what God wants. Maybe this school is where my daughter needs to be in. Maroon (their uniform) looks good on her anyway.

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