Goldilocks Celebrates it’s 50th Year with A Birthday Caravan

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Goldilocks Birthday Caravan InvitationGoldilocks is celebrating their 50th year anniversary and they are generous enough to celebrate it with their employees, friends, loyal customers, and members of traditional and online media. I was one of the lucky ones who got an invitation and experienced the fun-filled experience at the most popular amusement park in the country, Enchanted Kingdom.

Goldilocks through the past 50 years


Goldilocks is truly an Iconic product here in the Philippines. The company had a humble beginning. They opened their first store in Pasong Tamo, Makati on 1966. They were able to expand their business and it grew. I personally believe that if the product is excellent, success is inevitable.

I was born on 1986 and I remember during my childhood, a birthday is not complete with a Goldilocks cake. I had a Goldilocks cake on my first birthday.



Back then, Goldilocks cakes came with a yellow checked box as seen on the picture above. That was me when I was just a year old with my first birthday cake.


I can’t help but get nostalgic upon seeing these photos. Thank you Goldilocks for the five decades of bringing sweet moments in the countless Filipino celebrations that you became and will be a part of.

The Party


I brought my whole family with me. Enchanted Kingdom is much fun if you spend it with your loved ones. Goldilocks gave us two tickets plus 400 pesos worth of EK money and buy one take one tickets to games. They also gave us loot bags filled with delicious Goldilocks products.

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Mr. Chiqui Reyes hosted the show. We were entertained and really had fun specially Vice Ganda’s kalokalike spiels. I was laughing so hard I forgot to take a picture, teehee.

All in all it was a Goldi Good Day!! Thank you Goldilocks.

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