Getting Started With Essential Oils

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It has been almost a year since essential oils have been taking over my Facebook news feed. They are all raves about this which made me curious. It took me long before trying because I thought I do not this, my family don’t need this.
And I was wrong.

An essential oil is any volatile oil that give of plants their characteristic odor. It is used even before the ancient times to cure ailments. There are a lot of essential oils brand out there in the market to choose from.

The first step before jumping into this new realm, the world of oilbularyos, is to know why are you going to use essential oils. I want to try it because Jana has an eczema around her eyes which has been coming and going for three months. The steroids in the creams are bothering me, I am not a die-hard fanatic of organics but as much as possible I do not want to put strong chemicals or synthetic products to my kids. I am very much worried about the scaling of the skin around her eyes. Next reason, is that Zoe and Xyra became ill. I would like to try a different approach in treating as well as preventing sickness. I know essential oils are not intended to cure any diseases but I know and hope it can help.

I ordered my first 4 essential oil blends in shopee. I ordered Immune Boom, Bye Bug Bites, Germ Destroyer, and Sniffle Stopper. They are from Plant Therapy, diluted in the correct proportion to be safe for kids. The seller is very nice and approachable. She is kind to answer all your queries. You can buy by clicking this link. I am not affiliated with the seller nor got to be paid to post this.

It is just my first day to try the rollers and sniffle stopper did deliver. Just one day, zoe’s sniffles are gone. Down side is that it makes her super drowsy. Let me tell you Zoe’s favorite hobby is sleeping. So putting this to her in the morning is a big no.

I plan to put the Immune Boom to my kids for a month and see how it goes.

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