Fruits of Labor from Upwork

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Upwork will always be my favorite online freelancing platform. Though it is not my first work-at-home job, it is where I learned a lot and became a successful work-at-home mom  (WAHM). I started working there when it was still called oDesk.
Starting is never easy. I remembered receiving dozens of declined job applications every day for three months. That didn’t stop me. I applied like a maniac everyday instead. There are just a few Facebook support groups for those who would help you to start working at oDesk back then. Good thing Google is there and I befriended him. It was August 25, 2011 that I finally got my first contract and it was offered to me, I did not apply. I guess my cover letter really sucked. It is an hourly job that pays $1.67 per hour. The job title is WordPress Admin Expert. I told you on my first post that I blog during the ancient times (just kidding, I am not that old) and I used that to get a job in oDesk. I stopped applying for job offers that has the phrase Data Entry because I realized that most job hunters like me will get jobs like that because it is easy to do. If anybody can do it then it means there are more competitors too. I picked a niche which is WordPress, then put that on my profile. During 2011, there are only few contractors that knows WordPress. My first job is also data entry, just on a WordPress panel. Working for $1.67 an hour is really low. Also add the fact that the computer I was using is old, broken and infested with virus, it shuts down just like that, then I will have to restart it. It still does the job though, plus it isn’t mine, we just borrowed it from my mother in law so I should not complain. My husband also works at home and he earns from his websites from the advertisements from Google Adsense and others. It is not much, and we are just starting a family that is why we need to buy things for the house. I said, this is not enough so we tried harder. Fast forward, we were able to buy home appliances, we were able to pay for vaccinations of our kids, I was able to give birth on a private hospital, my daughter is studying at a private school, our new house is already work in progress, we were able to survive everyday, comfortably. That is because of Upwork. From $1.67 an hour I am now charging $22.22 per hour. We have regular clients who would recommend us to their friends. Clients keep on coming, we were able to gather enough direct clients. We do not need to search for them anymore. I am also thankful that my husband is very hard-working and focused on providing our family’s needs.

I learned the real meaning of the patience from that experience. Looking back, it makes me proud that we were able to get pass that stage. We want the best for our three girls, that is why we work hard.

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