When my daughter Jana was just in Kindergarten they do not have a uniform in her school. The school believes that they should be allowed to wear clothes that they like and are comfortable to wear. That is why almost everyday I use to take her pictures and post it to my facebook account and put hashtag ootd which is short for outfit of the day.

Now that Jana is in elementary, we enrolled her to a big school. They have uniforms so I guess the obligatory selfie of my dear daughter at our gate before going to school will be stopped. No more #ootd.

I received a package from LBC and this is what I saw after opening it.

It says handmade hairbows with love.

It is a box full of hairbows from Hailey’s Fab Bows. ┬áThe owner is Karen and she makes beautiful and good quality hair accessories. Now Jana will have HOTDs before going to school. HOTD stands for hair of the day.

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